Photo Booth Layout – Examples

The amazing thing out our modern photo booth is that you also get modern print-outs like these!

Choose from these layouts. Please let us know if you have a logo you need included, and/or if you have inspiration for the design. If you have a wedding invitation, it’s always great to send an email with that attached too.

The Original

The original layout is a 4×6 layout that shows a 3 larger picture with a “branded” top left corner. It’s perfect for weddings and events that want to showcase a brand.

Single Image

The single image is a 4×6 print with a single image. It’s perfect for more elegant events. And doesn’t feel as “photo-boothy”.
Single Image

2 – Strips

This is the classic photo booth layout. Yes, we offer color and the printer does cut the strips in half so you are getting two strips per print out. It’s ideal if you like the classic photo booth look. The layout is limited in what can be designed (branding and look). The pictures also print out a bit smaller. This layout is great for weddings when you want to keep one copy for the bride and groom and the guests get a copy.


4 Square

Our newest layout is the 4 Square. It’s great for a really customized design and for events. The downfall is that because the images are laid out in a square format the number of people that can take a picture at the same time is limited because they get “cut out” of the sides of the frame. Ideal for fun events that have unique branding and/or offers!