Welcome to our wedding photography blog and website! No matter the location of your wedding, event or session we are a travel based photography company! We love traveling back and forth between Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and Las Vegas for our elopements, beach weddings, destination weddings and such! 

mckenzi taylor las vegas photographer weddings and eventsMcKENZI TAYLOR
Photographing people is my passion and I am so excited to be able to capture memories for so many people. I believe that we all lead an adventurous life and moments are so worth remembering and capturing on film! After completing my Masters Degree in Leadership in California, I knew I had to be an entrepreneur and set out to be a destination wedding photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. My background in photojournalism allows me to focus on capturing natural moments and avoid overly posed settings.

When I’m not taking wedding pictures or family photo session, you can find me on a trail run, cruising down the desolate desert highway on my road bike, or rock climbing in my “backyard” (Red Rock Canyon)!

Needless to say, I really see life as one big adventure. Why not take advantage of all the opportunities we can and live it to the fullest No matter what your likes or hobbies are, we all have the adventure to live and share. Let me capture it!

Las Vegas Videographer for Taylored Photo MemoriesMATT KUEHL
Matt Kuehl is a photographer, videographer and adventure seeker with an eye for capturing spontaneous moments and working in unique environments.    After receiving a degree in Fine Art Photography from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2010 Matt moved out West to pursue his interest in outdoor adventure photography and portraiture.

Matt is also an avid rock climber and cyclist and when not behind the camera you can find him hanging from the sandstone walls of Red Rock Canyon just outside of Las Vegas

las vegas boudoir photographer for Taylored Photo MemoriesMARTINA ZANDONELLA
Boudoir & Portrait Photographer / Event Photographer
I am an Italian photographer based in Las Vegas. I have loved photography since my childhood and in the past few years, I have had the opportunity to become a professional. As a school teacher and outdoors instructor in a previous career, I learned to value contact with people. I, therefore, strive to give my clients the best experience possible.

I love the outdoor lifestyle and contact with nature, whether I am climbing, skiing or hiking. Landscape photography seems to come easily to me when I am in beautiful places.

However, my true photographic passion is portraits. I believe in making people feel good about themselves and giving them a positive and fun experience in front of the camera, helping to create something memorable and timeless for them to show.

Besides English, I speak fluent Spanish, Italian, intermediate German.

las vegas photographerEMMA SKEES
England-born, Indiana raised, Tennessee schooled, and calling Nevada home, I’m excited to be working with a wide variety of people and backgrounds. Photography for me isn’t just about the beautiful products created but getting to know people and learning in the process. My journey with photography started in the rural farmland of Indiana, and my passion for it led me to pursue my Bachelor’s degree at the Memphis College of Art. Expanding my reach and my interest to learn more, led me to Nevada spending 2 years in the Master’s program at UNLV. The atmosphere and network of wonderfully interesting people have led me to stay put.

I enjoy the connections I have made and will continue to make with my photographic craft. Through assisting, editing, and uploading on the TPM team, I am able to enhance everyone’s experience while always learning. Getting to explore and bring to life the genuine moments of people and their lives is where I get enjoyment. The understanding that I am having a hand in creating an unforgettable moment that lives on for them and theirs.

I find photography is compelling in the way it produces something greater than ourselves. As we, as photographers, have the ability to create history, even if just for one person or family. One frame at a time.


Taking pictures makes me happy in a way that is hard to put into words.  I love making people feel awesome about themselves and using a camera is the best way I know how.  I shoot digital for the convenience and shoot film for the pure love and joy of it all.   I’ve been shooting long enough that I used to carry around one of those big leather portfolios, you know back before the glory of the Internet and Instagram.

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer - Las Vegas Elopement Photographer

Graphic Designer/Album Designer
Laura Malmgren is a freelance graphic designer working in the industry for almost a decade with a passion for all things design. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Chapman University in Orange California in 2009 she went abroad to receive a Master of Arts degree in Design from the University of Leeds in 2010.  Laura’s specialties are print and information design and she firmly believes that her skill set can be used to better human life rather than just to sell you things that you don’t need. She especially loves working with non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and small businesses. In addition to building the Taylored Photo Memories brand through marketing strategies and collateral, her latest endeavor was the launch of her own shop on Etsy called Smudge Pot Creative. When Laura is not glued to her computer screen you will find her outdoors, traveling, or spending time with family and friends.

Assistant/Photo Booth Tech
Brandt studied photography in college and alongside with his degree in HR moved to Las Vegas to help McKenzi with the photo booth, assisting and business operations. Currently, Brandt is wrapping up his studies at cosmetology school and will pursue a career in medical esthetics.


Nick Teramura
Photo Booth Operations

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